The smartest token template ever built

Introducing the world’s first all-in-one SmartDeFi™ ecosystem!


The smartest token template ever built

Introducing the world’s first all-in-one SmartDeFi™ ecosystem!


Recognized globally by industry-leading projects and investors

Each token created using our SmartDeFi™ Deployer contains the exchange, lending protocol, and asset-backed store of value inside the smart contract, creating a safer and more reliable token.

Maximizing security and efficiency

All-In-One Ecosystem

The first token with a swap protocol and liquidity all held within a single smart contract! There is no longer a need to pick where to host trading.

Routing Feature

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Swap-to-Swap (S2S) transfers make it possible to move funds with increased privacy and lower fees.


SmartSwap technology is included inside the token’s swap protocol, offering record low gas fees across all supported chains.

Eliminate Rug-Pulls

Token liquidity is held securely inside the token’s own contract, and is inaccessible, making it impossible to rug-pull and eliminating the need for liquidity provider (LP) tokens.

Frictionless Rewards

SmartDeFi™ tokens allow a configurable percentage of all trading volume to be awarded directly to its holders, which then automatically compounds.


SmartDeFi™ employs fWrap base assets. As a result, liquidity receives fWrap reflection rewards, resulting in constant upwards price pressure. Read more about fWraps.

100% Asset-Backed

Every SmartDeFi™ token is backed by its base asset, providing each token with an ever-increasing intrinsic baseline value

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Base Asset

A base asset, such as fBNB or fETH, backs each SmartDeFi™ token and securely resides inside the token’s smart contract.

Perpetual Increase

A set percentage of every buy and sell is sent to the asset-backing pool, yielding a baseline value that can never decrease.

Burning For Backing

If the market price ever drops below the intrinsic baseline value, SmartDeFi™ tokens can be burned for their share of asset-backing. 

Quantifiable Risk

Since the future baseline value can be accurately determined by the projected trading volume, risk ratios are more easily quantifiable.


Once a SmartDeFi™ token is burned for its backing asset, it creates a “black hole” that burns more and more tokens over time.


SmartDeFi™ tokens can be used as collateral in return for their share of asset-backing. The loan is repayable without interest.

ROX Token
The first of its kind

ROX is the first SmartDeFi™ token to launch and serves as a model home for SmartDeFi™ while directly benefiting the FEG Token ecosystem

FEG Token Development

100 ROX have been locked in a smart contract faucet. All of the frictionless rewards it receives will go towards funding the development of the FEG ecosystem.

Smart Rising Price Floor

0.1% of ROX token’s sell fee is rerouted to liquidity to increase its price floor. As the SmartDeFi™ contract holds its own liquidity, this happens frictionlessly.

Waived Reflections

Holding 0.001 ROX allows investors and traders to buy or receive any SmartDeFi™ token without incurring the usual reflection tax.

The SmartDeFi Auto-Deployer

Launch your own SmartDeFi Token in a matter of minutes using the SmartDeFi token template and our FEGdeployer tool

Reflection Tax

Customize a set percentage of all trading volume that will be rewarded to your holders in the form of reflections (passive income).


Configure a percentage of each buy and sell that will be allocated to the asset-backing pool, generating an ever-increasing baseline value.

Smart Rising Price Floor

Create a smart rising price floor by configuring a set percentage of each transaction that is rerouted to the token’s liquidity pool.

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Who is FEGrox?

The lead blockchain developer and visionary through and through, discover a bit more about the mind behind this revolutionary technology

Known to the public only by his pseudonym, FEGrox is a highly trusted blockchain expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. His influence and vision stretch further than many realize and his work is helping to evolve decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure for the better. Legend has it that FEGrox may in fact be an alien, though most are simply happy to be involved with his passion.

Today, FEGrox is the lead Solidity developer for FEG Token and all of his time and effort is focused on advancing the DeFi space. SmartDeFi is at the core of this ecosystem and is perhaps the most advanced FEG product to date, ushering in a new era of DeFi that brings together project owners and investors on a single secure, rewarding, and easy to use platform.


FEGtoken is the native token of the FEG ecosystem and provides a source of passive income through staking. With the APY tied directly to exchange trading volume and SmartDeFi trading volume, return on investment will grow as our ecosystem does.


FEGex is a multi-chain decentralized exchange and is an integral part of our ecosystem. FEGex boasts a number of innovative features, such as gas rebates, front-running bot protection, and TradingView chart integration.


SmartSwap enables swing-trading, swap-to-swap transfers, and discrete peer-to-peer transfers, without incurring tokenomic taxes and with significantly reduced gas fees.